Commercial development advisory services

Every Downtown and Main Street is unique – that's why our services are tailor-made to suit any commercial district. We help the public and private sectors plan, develop and manage commercial districts through powerful insights and proven best practices.



Be it familiarizing ourselves with local zoning policies, finding out how people are moving in and out of the area or evaluating the scope of existing commercial offerings, the diagnostic phase lays the groundwork for all future development solutions and implementation.

Here are some of our Diagnosis Services:

  • Market Study & Commercial Mix Analysis

  • Regulatory & Fiscal Review

  • Consumer Experience & Urban Landscape

  • Parking & Accessibility Analysis

  • Gouvernance Review


Powerful analysis and ambitious ideas are worth little to nothing without a solid, pragmatic game plan. That’s why we go beyond reports and diagnostics to provide robust, customized and actionable frameworks that give great projects and ideas every possible chance to thrive and succeed.

Here are some of our Planning Services:

  • Master Plans

  • Commercial Area Revitalization

  • Construction Mitigation Plan

  • Employment Hub

  • Architectural & Urban Planning Guide

  • Branding & Marketing

Strategic Support

The path from point A to B is often littered with obstacles. We put our expertise at your disposal and follow through from beginning to end until the results roll in. We also keep an eye on those results in order to improve, adjust and implement appropriately on a solid foundation.

Here are some of our Support Services:

  • Strategic Planning & Coaching

  • Regulatory Navigation & Project Proposals

  • Public Consultation & Mobilisation

  • Representation & Public Relations

  • Business Association Creation & Restructuring

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If there’s a single thing Glenn enjoys more than geeking out over thousands of pages of reports and data; it’s sharing that knowledge and curiosity with others. A commanding media presence, experienced leader and eloquent extrovert, he offers his services crafting tailor-made masterclasses, workshops, conferences and talks about strategic commercial development.