Our approach


1. Personalization

While Downtowns and Main Streets certainly share traits and similarities, there’s an almost infinite number of factors and differentiators that shape the way communities react and adapt to change and pressure. Sometimes, solutions require intricate new ideas and policy changes. In other cases, it’s simply a matter of tweaking existing approaches to cater to an area’s unique needs and demographics.

Our approach relies on a wide-scoped, data-driven and comprehensive understanding of an area’s unique policies, dynamics and particularities to craft proposals that are truly adapted and realistic for each community.

2. Collaboration

Having spent years straddling the line between policy makers, small business owners, commercial developers and consumers, we take great pride in our ability to translate across interests, bring different stakeholders to the table and find common ground for common growth. While our work is centered around a thorough understanding of our client’s challenges and objectives, it also puts great weight in the importance of grasping the wider picture within which every commercial hub exists and evolves. That means engaging in active dialogue with everyone involved, openly sharing the latest data and best practices, and keeping some elbow room within our process for ever-evolving ideas, realities and objectives.

Our approach leverages continuous communication, flexibility and simplicity to keep stakeholders feeling involved, heard and understood throughout our complete cycle of analysis, proposal, implementation, assessment and adjustment

3. Pragmatism

While we tend to look to other cities with wild dreams of magically transforming our own into wealthy, sophisticated havens dotted with endless bicycle paths, quaint outdoor markets and bustling street festivals; we often shoot ourselves in the foot by turning a blind eye to the limitations and possibilities defined by an area’s planning policies, zoning regulations, political will, local culture, existing commercial offering and history. Too often, the baby is thrown out with the bath water because of simple, pragmatic considerations that were overlooked or ignored – leaving Town Centers with mediocre, uninspired and half-baked projects that indefinitely maintain the status quo and hinder economic performance.

Our approach harnesses years of experience crafting, implementing and improving urban development projects in order to identify, evaluate, prioritize and structure all of the nitty-gritty details that can make or break the most inspired and innovative of projects.

4. International Inspiration - Local Application

If there’s one thing that came out of those long, intense evenings hunched over thousands of pages outlining urban development theories and examples across the world, it’s an acute awareness and curiosity about what has caused projects to thrive and fail across the globe. As it turns out, most of the world’s Main streets and Downtowns are facing similar issues. And while we strongly believe in the importance of innovation, customization and creativity, we’re also eager to avoid the mistakes of others, build upon existing knowledge and tailor our solutions based on tried-and-tested principles implemented far beyond our own municipal, provincial or national boundaries.

Our approach is fundamentally open to the world; seeking out the best and brightest minds, ideas and analysis to inform and adapt its understanding of an area’s challenges, needs and potential opportunities.