Glenn Castanheira

About Glenn

As a commercial development consultant and the founder of Brick & Mortar, Glenn Castanheira has spent over a decade honing a unique expertize and interest in Downtowns and Main Streets.With a professional and academic background in both the public and private sectors, he’s had the opportunity to witness, learn and implement best practices defined and tested around the world.

Expert in public policies, Glenn was the economic and commercial adviser to the Mayor of Montreal where he helped implement a variety of mesures aimed to support the city’s Main Streets. Among them, the Small Business Plan and Canada’s first financial aid program for businesses affected by major road work.

Born and raised in a family of shop owners, Glenn also headed the Saint-Laurent Boulevard Business Association, one of Montreal’s pillar arteries affectionately known as The Main. There until 2015, he orchestrated an ambitious and successful revamping of what was once a street brought down by botched road work in 2006-2007 and severe blight. Amongst his most recognizable feats within that mandate was his revitalization plan earning a myriad of prizes including the Grand Prix Strat 2014 and the Grand prix du tourisme québécois in both 2014 and 2016 as well as the title of one of the « 9 Greatest Streets Around The World. ». The Québec government soon took notice of the Main’s renewed identity, officially declaring it a tourist area in 2015.

Glenn has also distinguished himsef in Montreal’s economic development having served as Vice President of the CDEC Centre-Sud / Plateau Mont-Royal (now PME-MTL) – an organization tasked with  fostering and overseeing territorial economic development – and held executive seats at Montreal’s Commercial Development Association and Culture Montréal.